What is the go.nyls.edu Portal?

go.nyls.edu is the central Web site for the entire New York Law School community to access online academic resources, administrative services, community information, the Internet at large, and personal Web-based e-mail accounts. The Portal is a private space for all members of the Law School community and requires a Portal ID and password. The Portal provides tailored information to different groups of users based on their roles at the School, such as students, faculty members, or staff members.  

How do I access and use the Portal? 

Using your browser, visit http://go.nyls.edu. When on campus, the go.nyls.edu log-in page will be the default Web page. You will be asked to log in with your Portal ID and password. The Portal is organized into tabs (click along the top to get from tab to tab), with channels of information on each tab. 

Always log out of go.nyls.edu and close your browser window so no one else has access to your personal information. Even when following an outside link, you will remain logged in unless you hit the log out button. To log out of go.nyls.edu, click “Log out” at the top of your Portal page. 

What will go.nyls.edu replace?

go.nyls.edu will replace our formal portal my.nyls.edu.

What additional features are available just for students?

  • Links to course home pages with chat rooms, message boards, and links to keep you in touch with your instructors and classmates  
  • Ability to view and change your official NYLS biographical information (mailing address, e-mail address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, etc.) 
  • Registration and add/drop capability  
  • Viewing of grades, schedule, holds, academic transcript, and account information  
  • Viewing of financial aid status, awards, and eligibility information

 What additional features are available for just for faculty?

  • Automatically created course home pages with chat rooms, message boards, and links to keep you in touch with your students (Blackboard only) 
  • Automated e-mail lists to make sending a message to all registered students a onestep process for each section (Note that students must log into go.nyls.edu and activate their e-mail accounts in order to receive these e-mails.)  
  • Your teaching schedule, class lists, and photo rosters 
  • Access to course meeting time templates 
  • Direct access to your research budgets 
  • Information about tenure and promotion 
  • Information about internal and external research opportunities 
  • Information about most law school administrative processes and your HR benefits all in one place 

 Additional features for staff 

  • Direct access to administrative information previously housed in various locations 
  • Opportunity to access and utilize forms in a central location 
  • Access to centralized administrative policies and procedures 

Why will students want to log in to go.nyls.edu once a day if possible?

The most practical reasons include: 

  • To read and send e-mail. Official NYLS e-mail notifications will be sent to your NYLS address, so you’ll need to check it often.  
  • To stay on top of your courses. Faculty will use the course home pages to send students information and to post resources needed for class.  
  • To get informed about what is happening on campus and around the world. go.nyls.edu provides easy access to updated information about campus news and events, Web search engines, and general national and world news.  

Access and Passwords

How do I get a Portal ID and password?

Log-in information has been created for every person working for or taking classes at NYLS. Portal IDs are given to NYLS community members when they are first eligible. (New students receive them during orientation. Faculty members receive them from the Office of Faculty Development, and staff members receive them from Human Resources.) 

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you have previously set your security question within http://passwordhelp.nyls.edu, go to a Web browser and type the address http://passwordhelp.nyls.edu/forgot. You will be prompted for your log-in name and security question. A new temporary password will be generated on-screen. If you have not yet set your question, or you forget your password and the answer to your question, you can call the OIT Help Desk at 212.431.2316 or go to http://passwordhelp.nyls.edu. 

What is the required format for my password?

Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least one of each of the following: a capital letter, a number, and a special character. 

What do I do if my account has been disabled?

Accounts are automatically disabled as a security measure when access to an account has been attempted unsuccessfully several times in a row. This may also happen if one hasn’t waited a few minutes after a password has been changed. An account will be re-enabled automatically with time, or you may call the OIT Help Desk at 212.431.2316 to have your account re-enabled. 

 How do I change my password?

Log into http://passwordhelp.nyls.edu and click on the “Change Password” tab. At the change password screen, enter your current password and your new password twice. Please note that your new password will work for the other systems tied to your NYLS Portal account. 

 As a faculty or staff member, if I change my password for the go.nyls.edu Portal, how long does it take for my password to update?

Password changes are instantaneous. 

Is the go.nyls.edu Portal available at all times?

go.nyls.edu has no scheduled “down time” except for scheduled maintenance, which will be announced in the NYLS Announcements channel. 

What other NYLS services use this same log-in and password?

Your go.nyls.edu Portal ID and password are your key to accessing all of the following services:  

  • Portal 
  • E-mail 
  • Blackboard 

Whom do I contact about the go.nyls.edu Portal?

If you have a technical issue with your Portal account, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 212.431.2316.